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The Educational Assistants in Ontario are highly qualified professionals. Educational Assistants (EAs) employed by the Lakehead Public Schools are required to possess as a minimum a diploma in the field of Human Services ex; Developmental Services Worker, Child and Youth Worker, Early Childhood Educator, and Social Worker. As well as a diploma, many EAs have additional qualifications and training including related university degrees, training in autism and specialized training to work with blind or deaf/hard of hearing students.

   The role of the EA as part of the educational team is quite complex. The EA is a resource to the classroom teacher as we support at risk students and students who have been identified through The Identification, Placement and Review Committee Process. EAs need to be skilled to address the different exceptionalities in learning including but not limited to, behavioural, developmental, physical, blind, intellectual, deaf/hard of hearing and autism. We must have excellent verbal and written communication skills to work as part of a multi-discipline education team, which may include working with parents and community agencies. EAs must also have the skill sets to help other students and school personnel in understanding, respecting, and accepting the diversity in the individual(s) who possess exceptionalities in learning. The combined expertise brought to our classrooms by teachers and EAs further enhances the learning environment of students. As part of a professional team, the teachers and EAs assist the neediest students to reach their maximum potential.

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